Our services for foreign professionals 

Envotis differentiates itself from other recruitment companies by taking an explicitly holistic approach to the placement of foreign professionals in Germany. We indeed believe that a successful placement includes not only a transparent and effective recruiting process but also a smooth and impeccably executed relocation.


Our aim at Envotis is to create the optimal match between, on the one side, your qualifications as well as aspirations as a foreign professional and, on the other side, the requirements and expectations of your potential future employer.

One important step we take in order to achieve that goal is to ensure that we truly understand your profile and situation at the beginning of our collaboration. We therefore take ample time to get to know each professional personally. Furthermore, we make use of the first conversation to discuss our process in detail as well as thoroughly answer any questions you might have.

After having shared your profile with our client base, we act as an intermediary between you and your potential future employer and coordinate the interview process. Taking into account the fact that German interviews might have particularities that you are not familiar with, we coach extensively each foreign professional and organize a “mock interview” to make sure that you are optimally prepared. We also support you during the contract signing phase by, for example, taking care of the translation into English of the contract and its relevant annexes.


In the eyes of most foreign professionals, the task of relocating to Germany often seems complicated or even challenging. For this reason, Envotis accompanies you throughout the entire process.

We start by coordinating the immigration proceedings for you and your family. We also take care of translating the necessary documents and communicating on your behalf with the competent German authorities. The support we provide during the immigration process is of course entirely free of charge for you and your direct family (spouse and minor children).

At Envotis, we also believe that relocation goes beyond the immigration process itself and encompasses settling-in and feeling at home in Germany. We therefore provide a wide range of services to help you during this transition phase. We can, for example, assist you in finding the right living accommodation as well as a suitable school for your children. We can also gladly help you open a German bank account or register with your local utility company, only to give you a few examples. 

Since each foreign professional has its own particular needs, we at Envotis are happy to offer a flexible and individualized settling-in program. More specifically, we provide each foreign professional with a settling-in support allowance amounting up to 3.000,00€ net. As a foreign professional, you can then select the desired support options directly from our extensive service catalogue. This allows you to choose the settling-in assistance most beneficial to you and your family.

We will of course remain at your disposal for any questions after the official end of the relocation process.

Costs for you

Our services are entirely paid for by your future German employer. Envotis will not charge you or your family for any of the services it provides.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you find the right job and successfully relocate to Germany.